Why Spring Is the Ideal Time for Tree Care

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Why Spring Is the Ideal Time for Tree Care

While spring is typically a sign of rebirth, newness, and coming back to life, you may also find yourself needing proper tree care during this season. Spring is a perfect time to care for your trees in preparation for growth and blooms and to help rid the winter debris. While it may seem daunting to deal with internal and external spring cleaning, the experts at Mass Bay Tree have compiled a list of our best practices and recommendations on why tree care in the spring is the best option for your property.


Why Is Spring The Best Time To Remove A Tree?

Spring is the perfect time to remove a tree on your property because the weather is seemingly just right. You do not have to deal with extreme hot or cold weather, snow, or blizzards.


Why Is Spring The Best Time To Prune A Tree?

Whether a tree on your property has encountered snow, rain, ice, or poor weather, there is a significant chance that it needs to be pruned. Winter weather can cause broken limbs and branches and may cause decay. Spring is the best time to examine these issues and combat them immediately. Doing so allows you to have healthy and great-looking trees going into the warmer seasons.


What Are The Reasons For Spring Tree Removal?

The most common reason for needing a tree removed from your property is that it is dead, dying, or hazardous. However, there are a multitude of different reasons why you may also need a tree removed during the spring. These scenarios include new construction, making way for an addition, utility hazards, or simply being an eyesore.


Should I Wait For Spring To Remove A Dead Tree?

While spring is a highly ideal time to remove a tree, if you are currently dealing with a tree that is rotting, leaning, is invested with termites, or has damaged roots, get it removed immediately. Damaged or dying trees are hazardous and must be dealt with as soon as possible to negate any further damage. If you are located in Massachusetts and are searching for tree removal, trimming, or tree care services, there is no better team to call than the ones at Mass Bay Tree. To learn more about there expert tree care services, contact them here!


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