Pruning for Growth: Springtime Tree Care Tips

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Pruning for Growth: Springtime Tree Care Tips

Why You Should Add Tree Care To Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time to replenish, organize, renew, and clean out the loom of winter! Why not bring your spring cleaning to the outside this upcoming spring? An excellent way to do so is by trimming and pruning the trees on your property. Trimming and pruning can remove old, dead, and lifeless branches from your trees, drastically improving their life, health, and look! While pruning can be done at any point of the year, spring is a fantastic time to give new life to the greenery in your yard, all while enhancing the strength and integrity of your trees. To help you have the best-looking trees in your neighborhood this spring, the experts at Mass Bay Tree have compiled our top springtime tree care tips.


Tree Care Tips To Improve Your Property’s Trees This Spring


Check For Unwanted Insects On Your Trees

Pests, insects, and other critters are commonly found in trees. While many can be easily removed by hand, dealt with efficiently, or benefit the ecosystem, there are some critters you do not want present. Once the weather warms up, it is essential to examine your trees for any harmful insects that are toxic to them. Items to look out for include spider mites, termites, Oak Processionary moths, etc.

Prune Your Trees With A Professional

If you notice your tree is outgrown, has dead limbs, or overall needs care and assistance to get back to tiptop shape, pruning, and trimming are fantastic services to get performed. Trimming and pruning allow your tree to disperse necessary nutrients to areas it may lack, helping it grow and regain strength. If you are wondering if or what branches of your tree need to be pruned, contact the experts at Mass Bay Tree today! We would love to enhance the overall beauty and lush look of your trees and aid in maintaining their appearance!

Water Your Trees Once It Gets Warm Out

While watering in the water provides no benefits, once the weather turns warm and the soil is no longer frozen, watering is a great idea. Watering early in the spring can encourage your tree to provide good leaf and shoot development.

Mulch Around Your Trees

Mulching around your trees gives your property a clean look, helps your tree retain nutrients and moisture, and eliminates weeds. Consider adding mulching to your outdoor spring checklist this year!


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