Common Reasons for Summer Tree Removals

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Common Reasons for Summer Tree Removals

As summer is in full swing, you may begin to spend an increasingly longer time outdoors. Whether you are enjoying the fresh air or are hosting gatherings on your back deck, trees are hard not to notice. As major landscape components, trees are significant and valuable to lawns as they provide shade, nature, and other aesthetic purposes. However, there are many scenarios where trees are no longer beneficial. If you are beginning to notice your trees are a safety hazard while enjoying the outdoors, it is time to remove them. If you are wondering why this is happening, the industry experts at Mass Bay Tree have compiled our guide to the top common reasons why many need to remove trees from their property this summer.


Signs You Need A Tree Removed At Your Home Or Business This Summer


The Trees In Your Yard Are Now Hazardous To Your Property And Self

Summer brings beautiful weather but also negative implications for trees. High amounts of diseases, weather issues, and pests threaten tree health. If your tree shows signs of dead branches or cracks, it needs removal. Compromised trees pose a major risk to your property and those around you.


Your Trees Are Infested With Pests & Harmful Critters

Summer is a great time to examine your trees to see if there are any pest infestations that have occurred during the warm months. Pest infestations are extremely important to treat, as the longer you wait, the more likely you will need to remove other trees nearby. The best way to identify pests in your trees is by contacting a tree professional. They will be able to help you remove the affected tree and protect others nearby.


Your Tree Is Negatively Affecting Your Property’s Foundation

Consider the safety of your property. Over time, tree roots can infiltrate your home, damaging the foundation, driveway, and pipes. If this is happening, remove the tree and its roots immediately to prevent future issues. Doing so will not only save you time repairing but also a significant amount of financial resources.


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