Why You Should Add Stump Grinding To Your Summer Tree Care

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Why You Should Add Stump Grinding To Your Summer Tree Care

Are you looking to make your property shine this Summer? If so, stump grinding is a fantastic option to help you prepare and establish a stunning yard landscape this Summer! Whether you have a pesky, unwanted stump that has been in your yard for too long, want fresh wood chips for another project, or want to clear up space in your yard for some summer fun, this option is stellar for you! Stump grinding is best performed by a professional, as it takes proper education and skill to remove these large, unwanted pieces. To help you learn more about this service, the tree, and stump grinding experts at Mass Bay Tree have compiled our guide to summer stump grinding and all of its benefits.


Benefits Of Stump Grinding In The Summer:


Improved Area For Landscaping Projects: 

One of the most exciting and beneficial aspects of removing a stump on your property is creating a stunning new area for landscaping projects. Spring and Summer are ideal times to plant new trees, gardens, and other floral decor in your front or back yard. The first step in creating a stunning oasis of greenery and vegetation is clearing out those pesky stumps that linger in your yard. Once these stumps are removed, you have the opportunity to do whatever you choose with the area. If you decide not to replant anything around the stump, you can also utilize the space for a patio or other fun summer activities and hosting.


Improved & Faster Decomposition:

One of the immediate benefits of getting your stump grinding done this Summer is that your stumps are guaranteed to decompose faster than they would at any other time of the year. The warmer temperatures increase moisture levels in the air, accelerating the breakdown of the stump/ wood. This means you can utilize this once-occupied space quicker than ever before!


Easy Removal Access:

Another reason why Summer is optimal for stump grinding is because the ground is soft from the dew and moisture of the heat. When the ground is pliable and softer than usual, it makes for easier stump removal. In addition many trees especially in the later portions of the summer months begin to go dormant, making it easier to access the unwanted stump.


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