Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves in the Fall?

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Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves in the Fall?

With Labor Day behind us, the autumn/fall season is vastly approaching, causing the start of the changing of leaves. We will soon be saying goodbye to the lush greenery and hello to the yellow, orange, and red foliage. This color change thus commences the falling of those leaves, leaving trees throughout the northeast bare. When walking or driving around the roads, you may ask yourself, why do the leaves off the trees fall? And why do I have to partake in fall cleanup every year? Thankfully, the tree care experts here at Mass Bay Tree have compiled our reasons for why trees shed their leaves and how to assist with your fall cleanup!


Why Do Leaves Change Color?


Lack Of Chlorophyll Production:

In the Northeast, when it gets colder, the chlorophyll in the trees stops producing as frequently. When chlorophyll production comes to a halt, its green pigment begins to diminish. This lack of chlorophyll causes the leaves to change into the red, orange, and yellow foliage once masked by green.


When winter arises in the Northeast or any other portion of the world where cold winters occur, it means less sunlight. When there is less sunlight and cold temperatures, the liquid found within trees freezes, negatively impacting the tree’s ability to make and store energy adequately. They use leaf shedding as a way to be resourceful to save energy and save their overall life.


Should I Pick Up The Leaves In My Yard When They Fall?

Yes, absolutely! When left on the ground throughout the winter, leaves can cause many problems to your yard and garden. This is because dead leaves that are left on your beautiful green lawn suffocate the grass. This happens as the leaves deprive the grass of needed oxygen and sunlight. Causing dead patches and brown spots to be left once springtime approaches.


When Should I Begin Raking?

A good rule of thumb is to keep leaves from sitting on your grass for up to four days. So, as soon as leaves pile up, it is best to begin raking. This is because the longer you leave them, the heavier the pile will get.

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