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Tree Maintenance Tips For Summer

Tree Maintenance Tips For Summer

The rising hot summer heat is amongst us, meaning you need to take action more than ever to enjoy your lush landscape happily. Are you looking to create a stunning Summer landscape? If so, you need to take proper care of your trees. Whether it is tree trimming, pruning, or watering, taking action to ensure your trees and landscape are not affected by the harsh summer weather is critical. If you want to properly maintain your trees this summer, the industry experts at Mass Bay Tree have compiled a list of our top summer tree care tips.

How To Maintain Your Trees This Summer:


Prune Your Trees

While tree pruning is commonly completed in the dormant months of the year, there are many cases where trimming and pruning your trees in the summer is the best-case scenario. This case is especially true if you notice that your trees are dead, have disease, or are damaged. If you are in Massachusetts and searching for an expert tree pruning company, contact Mass Bay Tree today! Mass Bay Tree is an expert tree care company that knows exactly how to shape a tree to make it visibly look perfect! With our services, you will achieve great visual satisfaction!


Mulching your trees is a great addition to your landscaping to-do list, as it not only makes your yard looks great but also cuts down on weed competition. Mulching stabilizes the soil surrounding your trees, allowing the moisture to stay within the ground. However, when mulching, refrain from getting too close to the trunk of your tree, as this may promote insect infestation.

Irrigate Your Landscape

When the summer weather gets increasingly hotter and drier, it may be critical that you water your trees, especially if they have just been planted or transplanted. On average, the trees in your landscape need about an inch of water every week. When watering, irrigate the soil deeper rather than shallow. Irrigating and watering will promote stronger root development, keeping your trees happy and healthy.

Conduct Insect Investigations

It would be best if you examined your trees every season to ensure there are no bugs, pests, or insect infestations. However, in the summer, it is critical that you do so as several pests become increasingly more active in the summer months. If you have difficulty conducting this investigation, contact your local arborist, who can assist you.


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