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Tree Services in Newton, MA

Mass Bay Tree is pleased to welcome you to our top of the line tree removal, pruning, trimming, and storm damage services! Being well-known for providing top tree services as well as above and beyond customer service, Mass Bay Tree is proud to offer our services to homes and businesses located in and around Newton, MA and the surrounding area. At our core we are a top  tree removal, maintenance, and crane service company that services all kinds of properties in the state. Comprised of highly motivated and customer service motivated individuals with combined multiple years of industry experience in the tree field. If you are located in Newton or the surrounding areas and are in search of  tree removal services give us a call today directly at (781) 888-2615 we would be thrilled to assist you at your property!


Tree Removal Services in Newton, MA

When it comes to tree removal, safety, efficiency, and education are crucial in regards to providing our clients with a safe and well kept jobsite. Mass Bay Tree is thrilled to provide our services to homes, businesses, and properties throughout Newton and the surrounding area. What separates us from our competitors is the fact that we utilize our very own Mass Bay Tree crane! This crane allows our team the  opportunity to serve a variety of different properties at a much lower cost compared to others. Whether you are looking to remove a tree for safety, looks, or storm related reasons, we are the team for you! Give us a call directly at (781) 888-2615 to learn more about our removal services.

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Tree Pruning and Trimming Services in Newton, MA

At Mass Bay Tree we are proud to offer tree pruning and trimming services to those located in Newton and beyond! At Mass Bay Tree we believe that a healthy, well-maintained, and cared for team can be a beautiful addition to any landscape, property, home, or business, adding value and greenery. Which is why you should properly prune and trim your trees in order to  keep a healthy and well kept landscape. With Mass Bay Tree’s skill set and specialized crane we are able to safely, effectively, and efficiently remove any unwanted, unsafe, dangerous, or dead branches and limbs on your trees, no matter where they may lay. We are always taking on new clients and would be thrilled to assist you and your trees with proper pruning and trimming services today!

Storm Damage Cleanup in Newton, MA

No matter where you may reside in New England or Massachusettes you understand the incredible impact that the weather has on our landscape and trees. Whether it is harsh winds, a large snowfall, or intense rain, tree’s, shrubs, and landscape in general are consistently being put under pressure, giving way to storm damage. In order to help you protect your property and landscape, Mass Bay Tree is thrilled to offer 24/7 storm damage, cleanup, and repair services to any storm- related scenario. We are a committed team that prides ourselves on ensuring you that your property will once again be a safe and comforting place, not plagued with damage, fallen trees, or anything related. The next time you encounter a fallen tree, broken limbs or anything in between, please contact us today!

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If you are located in Newton, MA, or the surrounding MetroWest, North Shore, or South Shore area and are in search of top-of-the-line tree removal, storm damage services, stump grinding, and tree pruning services, look no further! Mass Bay Tree would be happy to assist you. No matter the size of the project we are happy to help, to learn more contact us today by calling us directly at (781) 888-2615! 

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