Top Tips for Caring for Young Trees

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Top Tips for Caring for Young Trees

Planting trees is a wonderful option to add greenery and beauty to your home or property. They add privacy, block the unwanted sun, and are overall great additions no matter what your property size or shape is. However, caring for young trees is much like caring for a loved one, as the first 5 years of a tree’s life are crucial to having a long-lasting healthy tree. Items and tasks to consider include, proper watering of the roots and overall tree, pruning, trimming, and other tree care essentials that will ensure a healthy and mature tree that will last the test of time. In order to keep your newly planted tree healthy, the experts at Mass Bay Tree have compiled our top tips for caring for young trees.


Top 4 Tips For Caring For Young Trees:


Deep Water The Tree

Unlike fully grown and healthy trees, young trees require regular watering. By regularly watering the young tree, you will help it grow into good health and prevent any disease from attacking the tree and its roots. The soil should be damp, not soaking wet, so by deep watering you will prevent any weak surface roots from forming, allowing the roots underneath the ground to grow and flourish.


Trim and Prune The Tree

By pruning and trimming your young tree, you are allowing it to receive the rich nutrients and vitamins that it needs to grow big and beautiful. Removing dead branches will help the tree grow strong all while keeping up with the overall appearance of it. If you are wondering what branches of your young tree need to be pruned, contact the experts at Mass Bay Tree today! We would love to not only enhance the overall beauty and lush look of your trees but also aid in maintaining a healthy young tree.


Cover The Base With Mulch

Mulch is a natural insulator for the tree as it protects the tree roots against harsh cold or hot temperatures, keeping the water firmly in the soil. All you need to do this is to apply a 5-7 cm thick amount of mulch to the surrounding area of the tree, however, try to avoid direct contact with the trunk.


Clear Out Weeds

In order to protect the tree and the surrounding area, pull and remove any weeds or crabgrass. Once the weeds have been cleared up apply the tin layer of mulch. This will help maintain moisture in the tree, allowing the roots to fully grow and flourish.


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