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The Guide To Fall Tree Care

Fall is in full swing; the leaves are changing and have fallen, giving way to leaf piles and beautiful scenery. While this is a time to enjoy and take in the last few moments of warm weather, winter is vastly approaching, meaning it is time to think about tree care more than ever. Fall is the perfect time to prepare your trees for winter so they can flourish during the spring season, protecting them from the harsh elements, which is why the tree care experts at Mass Bay Tree have compiled a complete guide to fall tree care to help you protect your trees.


How To Prepare Your Tree’s For The Winter:


Clean And Remove Branches

The first and one of the most important aspects of fall tree care is cleaning up your yard. Removing leaves and branches is extremely important and should be done immediately. The excess dead leaves and branches will prevent the tree from receiving proper nutrients.


Apply Fertilizer To The Tree

During the fall and winter months, trees lose vital nutrients. To ensure your trees maintain proper nutrients and care, you will want to apply a slow-release fertilizer in the fall. Slow-release fertilizers are great for the winter months as they slowly and steadily provide nutrients to the tree, ensuring the tree always has proper nutrients keeping it safe and healthy for seasons to come.


Apply Mulch

Placing a high-quality mulch can genuinely help your tree thrive. Mulch works by adding organic material to your soil, allowing the tree to conserve moisture and temperature giving resilience against erosion and dehydration. We recommend that you cover the tree’s base with about an inch of mulch; be sure to do just what is necessary.


Prune The Tree

Tree pruning is a critical component of expert tree care as it helps remove dead and diseased portions of trees, protecting your home, property, tree, and people that reside on your property. If you are wondering what branches of your tree need to be pruned, contact the experts at Mass Bay Tree today! We would love to enhance the overall beauty and lush look of your trees and aid in maintaining their appearance!


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