The Dangers Of Snow & Ice On Trees

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The Dangers Of Snow & Ice On Trees

How To Care For Your Trees In Snow & Ice


In the thick of the winter in New England or in general all across the United States, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are a common occurrence that can cause considerable damage to homes and businesses. However, it is expected to allow home and business owners alike the opportunity to educate and prepare themselves on the adverse effects and how to negate them. One of the most essential items to look at is how this weather can affect your landscape. Whether it’s trees, evergreens, shrubs, bushes, or plants, they can be susceptible to breakage, damage, etc, leading to potential problems for your property. For these reasons, the tree care experts at Mass Bay Tree have formulated our top tips to help you escape the winter with your greenery intact.


How To Manage Ice Of Trees:

While snow is heavy and dense, nothing affects trees quite like how ice does. Ice can form during freezing temperatures or ice storms, packing on trees and shrubs. This accumulation can lead to branches falling off or collapsing over. To reduce the impact on your trees, we recommend spraying the branches with cold water to help melt the ice. Do not use hot water, as it will cause further damage down the line.


How To Manage Snow On Trees:

In addition to ice, heavy, wet, and large amounts of snow can also cause damage to trees and shrubs. The sheer weight of heavy snowfall can cause breakage and possibly cause smaller greens to collapse and fall over. To negate this problem, we recommend gently shaking the tree branches and carefully removing the snow. You can also use a brush or broom to reach higher branches. However, do not brush down, as this may cause stress on the branches.


What Do I Do If My Tree Breaks During A Snowstorm?

Suppose you notice that a tree has fallen, branches have broken, or your tree is all around in rough shape. In that case, we recommend you immediately call a professional tree care company or service provider. Doing so allows your trees to be pruned or restored back to life. If you are located in Massachusetts, there is no better company to assist you than the team at Mass Bay Tree! We would be thrilled to help you with your tree care needs and desires.


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