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Mass Bay Tree provides the safest and simplest tree removal services in Marshfield, MA. Our experts have worked on projects just like yours for years, providing high-quality removal services at an affordable rate. We understand how much you value your Marshfield home and that the process of removing a tree can feel a bit daunting. With our skillfully trained team, you have nothing to worry about. We’ll assess the removal site and keep you well-informed with each step we take. Keep your curb appeal at a 10 with Mass Bay Tree’s renowned tree removal services! When you’re ready to kiss those trees goodbye, give us a call today directly at (781) 888-2615 or send us an email at


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Our Tree Removal Projects

Take a look at some of our most recent tree removal projects by our expert contractors!

Tree Pruning and Trimming Services in Marshfield, MA

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Many trees become weakened over time, creating hazardous conditions for both your family and your neighbors. The last thing you want is to have any loose limbs land on your vehicle or obstruct the exit of your home. That’s where we come in!

We offer tree pruning and trimming services to all Marshfield residents. Whether you’re looking for a casual makeover or require emergency tree surgery to prevent impending damage, we’ll take care of you. 

Trees are just like people — they need care and maintenance to remain healthy. Our experts will assess the trees around your home to detect any problem areas, clearing away unhealthy limbs so the rest of the tree can thrive for decades to come.

Our Customers Know best!

Storm Damage Cleanup in Marshfield, MA

You’ve made it through the storm, but your yard is looking a little worse for wear. One of the hardest parts about maintaining your home is preparing for blizzards, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Part of this preparation entails hiring the right crew to clear the debris away from your home so you and your family can go about your regular lives.

Any time rampant weather conditions disrupt the peace and beauty of your property, Mass Bay Tree will be there to remove the clutter and restore the sense of magic to your home. No amount of damage is too big for us to handle – we will safely eliminate all stray tree limbs from your lawn, roof, and surrounding property area, giving your family the chance to feel comfortable in your home again.


Why Choose Mass Bay Tree?

Mass Bay Tree offers top tree removal services in the Marshfield area and beyond. We are available for emergency jobs, aesthetic services, and everything in between. We’re hear to enhance your home’s curb appeal and to give your family a safe place to grow and enjoy your lives. We are here to tackle any project, any time of year. Why wait any longer to connect with us? Give Mass Bay Tree a call today! 

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