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Tree Services in Kingston, MA

Are you looking for emergency or routine tree removal in Kingston, MA but can’t seem to find a contractor you trust? Mass Bay Tree offers you stellar tree removal services and the peace of mind you’ve been searching for. Our term of expertly-trained contractors have experience working on projects ranging in difficulty, from small pruning and trimming projects to massive storm damage cleanup. 

We have tons of satisfied customers all throughout Kingston, and we are incredibly excited to tackle any tree removal concern you need assistance with. You’ll no longer have to worry about stray branches affecting your roofing or that eyesore of a stump in your front yard. Mass Bay Tree guarantees you’ll be satisfied with the service from the moment we arrive until well after the removal has finished.

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Tree Pruning and Trimming Services in Kingston, MA

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Sometimes all you need is to remove a few excess branches to prevent future damage to your property. Other times, the trees and shrubs around your home require pruning to stay beautiful and grow into a shape that perfectly frames your home. Mass Bay Tree has the right equipment and the ideal crew to complete a trimming and pruning job of any size. We’ll work with your schedule and take your needs into consideration when restoring the health and beauty to the trees around your home.

Questions or concerns? Don’t be afraid to reach out and give us a call! We are always happy to walk you through the process and give you a free estimate for our services.

Our Tree Removal Projects

Take a look at some of our most recent tree removal projects by our expert contractors!

Storm Damage Cleanup in Kingston, MA

Heavy storms and other natural disasters can have a grave impact on your property, destroying the home you’ve worked so hard to call your own. We understand the aftermath of a hurricane or blizzard is extremely stressful. At Mass Bay Tree, we want to lessen your burden, clearing away all storm debris and leaving your home looking absolutely pristine.

Our storm damage cleanup services are offered 24/7, allowing you to feel confident knowing you don’t have to go an extended period of time with heavy, loose tree limbs threatening to cause further damage to your property.


Why Choose Mass Bay Tree?

Mass Bay Tree is the top tree removal service in Kingston, MA. Not only do we work tirelessly to remove harmful hanging branches and clear away storm debris from your property, we also offer mulch delivery for your landscaping needs. Our dedicated team has spent years perfecting their removal process to give you a service that is safe, efficient, and convenient.  Don’t hesitate — give Mass Bay Tree a call today! 

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