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Is My Tree Dead?

Are you noticing an increase in dead branches in your yard? Maybe even a leaning tree trunk that is ripped? These are all telltale signs that your tree is in the process of dying or is unfortunately already dead. Cutting down a tree is no easy decision as it is a financial commitment but in other cases, trees hold sentimental value and it may be emotional to remove it. Unfortunately, dying trees are extremely dangerous. According to OSHA, they are more dangerous than sharks, as people every year face the problem of falling dead trees in their homes. In order to protect you and your home or property, the industry experts at Mass Bay Tree have compiled a list of the top signs to look out for if you think your tree is dying.


5 Signs Your Tree is Dead or Dying


Your Tree Has Rot

Rot and fungus are never fun and are always considered bad news when found in trees. Rot and fungus are extremely hard to treat and cure in a tree and often the damage is already too extensive, leaving no other option but removal. If you notice rot or fungus on your tree, call an expert tree removal company like Mass Bay Tree immediately, we will be able to tell you the extent of the rot and the best course of action to prevent the spread of the fungus.


Your Tree is Leaning

Trees should not lean unless they grew up at an angle. If you start to see a tree on your property bending or keeling over, there is a possibility that the roots are damaged or dying. To prevent any injury to you or your property, it is best to think about removing the tree, as it is already dead.


Your Tree Has Termites

Pests such as termites, beetles, or ants are known causes to make a healthy tree die. If you start to notice these pesky critters on your tree there may still be time to save it if you act fast. However, if the termites or critters have taken over the tree, it is best to remove it.


Your Tree Has Damaged Roots

Tree root removal is very common in landscaping projects as it can get in the way of buildings, driveways, and other structures. Unfortunately in the process, the roots can be cut back too far, cutting off the tree’s feeding system. If you have had landscaping work completed recently and notice damaged roots in your tree reach out to a tree care company, they will be able to give you the best possible solution.

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