How To Protect Your Tree’s This Winter

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How To Protect Your Tree’s This Winter

The winter is in full swing in New England and all across the country. Unfortunately for us and our trees, harsh weather, storms, wind, and snow will take a toll on plants, trees, shrubs, and the landscape during the next few months. Whether weather-related or a hungry animal or critter has gotten to your greenery, winter is a challenging time to care for your plants and trees. While it may not be on the forefront of your mind right now, Mass Bay Tree has compiled our top advice to help you take the necessary measures to ensure your trees and plants will come back to life next spring.


What Ways Can I Protect My Shrubs and Trees This Winter?


Add Wind Protection

The winter weather brings harsh winds that, in turn, dry out plants and trees, stunning their growth and health. Trees that dry out, such as pine, spruce, fir, and other evergreen trees, do not go dormant in the winter. If you have one of these trees on your property, consider protecting your greenery with burlap. All you have to do is loosely wrap the tree or shrub with the burlap to protect it from the wind.


Use A Repellent

Unfortunately, critters and animals like humans seek shelter and warmth in the winter, causing your trees and shrubs to be overrun with unwanted animals. An option to protect your trees and shrubs is by placing screens and wraps around the branches and base. However, if this is too time-consuming and costly for what you are looking for, use a repellent. A repellent is not a poison; instead, it simply makes your trees and shrubs taste and smell foul, keeping them far away.


Insulate The Roots

Some trees, shrubs, and plants are susceptible to cold, significantly when the soil temperature drops suddenly. This is especially certain for newly planted or young trees and shrubs. In order to properly maintain a sufficient soil temperature, it is best to apply a 3-inch layer of soil or mulch to the tree’s root. Doing so will create a steady layer of moisture and insulation for your tree, keeping the tree or shrub from dying.


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